[SOLVED] Radeon shadowmaps issue

Hi, as you probably know, everything goes well on my project.
But, yesterday I had an opportunity to see how my game looks on Radeon card.

And here it is:

Everything is darkened. The bright square on the wall is because, due to optimization, I’m not using shadowmap for one camera. I can’t explain why there is a bright triangle to the right, why right shadowcam works different way.
The shadow under the torch handle is almost invisible. All other shadows are corrupted too, on some places you can’t see any shadow.
Settings: hardware shadows, PCFPoisson.

For now I have only few screenshots, I don’t have direct access to any ATI card but I can do some builds with different settings and/or custom shaders. I’m curious what do you think of this situation and where to start, what can cause it.

If everything fails I would be forced to buy an Radeon and test it on my computer.

So you can test with only one PC and one single card?
I would rather look for testers instead. Hire them or give away copies of your game to a bunch of people with different hardware/OS configurations.

It is too early for such tests. I know what you mean, the dungeon game is not my first project, I had about 100 testers for my last game.

The game was launched on several computers, but all of them had NVidia cards. Yesterday it was the first time we had the opportunity to try it on Radeon.
Now I need to know where I must start to ‘dig’, what can be the cause, what are common incompatibilities between NVidia and ATI’s cards.

Hmm you are digging quite deep here,
I’m not sure how much testers without much GPU knowledge would help you.

My machine is amd based:
AMD A6-3400M CPU with integrated AMD 6520G or dedicated AMD 6450M
(Runs Ubuntu 14.04, no windows)

It is far from highend but can play quite a lot of games at 720p.
If screenshots/log file output helps you write me a PM.
However I am one of those “not much knowledge about GPUs” guys :frowning:

Thank you, but I’m not looking for testers at the moment.

In my experience, the common incompatibilities are the nVidia supports a super-set of OpenGL and ATI supports a random subset (depending on card, version, day of the week) that is close to a full version.

If you haven’t already, you can mitigate some of the compatibility issues by making sure your shaders are not GLSL100 in the matdefs. Always use at least GLSL110 (problem for mobile but I don’t think you are targeting that.)

…though if you use JME 3.1 I think it does that automatically now for GLSL100. I can’t remember.

Reason: nVidia when not given a version will drop into compatibility mode and allow all kinds of stuff that aren’t to-spec. In JME 3.0, specifying GLSL100 is like specifying no version at all… GLSL110 is the first real GLSL version.

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The second pass, where all the lights/shadows comes to the scene uses GLSL150.
GLSL100 is used in the first pass, where I render all maps for further usage. I’ll follow your suggestion and change it to 110. I’ll also try with hardware shadows disabled.

I can’t test it right now because I’m at work.

Ok, problem soved after updating from Catalyst 14.9 to 15.7

Cross fingers that it won’t reappear with catalyst 15.8… :stuck_out_tongue:

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