[SOLVED] Recast4j-test not compiling

I know I’m doing something wrong, but I download recast4j-test-1 and I can’t get it to compile.

I figure I’m doing something wrong. But there are no documentation on the build process.

Here is the output on the gradle build process. I download recast4j and compiled and ran it, but was not able to do so on the jme3-recast4j-test

D:\WorkSpace\jmonkey\samples\jme3-recast4j-test-1-main\src\main\java\com\jme3\recast4j\demo\utils\GltfUserDataLoader.java:33: error: package com.jme3.scene.plugins.gltf does not exist
import com.jme3.scene.plugins.gltf.ExtrasLoader;
D:\WorkSpace\jmonkey\samples\jme3-recast4j-test-1-main\src\main\java\com\jme3\recast4j\demo\utils\GltfUserDataLoader.java:34: error: package com.jme3.scene.plugins.gltf does not exist
import com.jme3.scene.plugins.gltf.GltfLoader;
D:\WorkSpace\jmonkey\samples\jme3-recast4j-test-1-main\src\main\java\com\jme3\recast4j\demo\utils\GltfUserDataLoader.java:42: error: cannot find symbol
public class GltfUserDataLoader implements ExtrasLoader {
  symbol: class ExtrasLoader
D:\WorkSpace\jmonkey\samples\jme3-recast4j-test-1-main\src\main\java\com\jme3\recast4j\demo\utils\GltfUserDataLoader.java:45: error: cannot find symbol
    public Object handleExtras(GltfLoader loader, String parentName, JsonElement parent, JsonElement extras, Object input) {
  symbol:   class GltfLoader
  location: class GltfUserDataLoader

Did you include the jme3-plugins library in the build.gradle file?

That is in there. I finally got it to build when I added the following line.

    implementation 'org.jmonkeyengine:jme3-plugins:' + jmeVersion