[Solved] Register new asset extension with existing assetLoader


I have a file type, which is basically bmp renamed to bm2. Can I register the bm2 extension with the AssetLoader already present for bmp-files?

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Ps. Got this so far:

private void addbm2AssetLoader(AssetManager assets) {
        assets.registerLoader(bm2Loader.class, "bm2");
private class bm2Loader implements AssetLoader{

    public Object load(AssetInfo assetInfo) throws IOException {
        AssetKey key = assetInfo.getKey();
        //Call load for bmp files? 
        return null;

you don’t need to do that. Just register the file extension with the regular image loader (AWTLoader; assuming you’re on desktop)

assetManager.registerLoader(AwtLoader.class, "bm2");