[SOLVED]Running the project crashes the game, but the file no?

Hi guys! I’m working with the Spidermonkey API, and I updated some code (created a second message to syncronize day and night time). When I run the file (which is Main.class), it runs without any problems. But when I run the project (Main.class is the main java class), I get a RuntimeException that says “Error deserializing object” However, the 2 messages that I have are registered in the server and client (serializer.registerClass(xxx.class)), and they are added to the message listeners in both sides. And it also has a SerializerException: Class not found for buffer data. But I checked and I don’t have any typos in the code.

This is really weird. If I run the file, no problems. If I run the project, it doesn’t work.

If you want more details, ask me :wink:


Forget it. For some reason it works now…