[SOLVED] RuntimeException: Error writing to joystick dump


Please provide the entire stacktrace. By the sound of it you are running TestJoystick and it cannot write a file.

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I run the OpenDS and this message is appear.

Ah, hopefully an OpenDS developer can provide support for OpenDS.

…since this isn’t really a JME problem at all.

Edit: I’ve moved your post to the “User Code and Projects” topic since this more about support for a third party system and not a JME problem.


@Nook_Lee if you find the solution can you please help me. i am also got this error. my email is, email removed - jayfella

@pspeed hi can you please help me with this error. thanks i am in real trouble now. my email is email removed - jayfella

im curious if this is BOT or some phishing attempt.

Could be. They can’t read either way. (at least not english)

Problem gets solved if you run it as administrator once, then it can create the needed files.

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