[SOLVED] Save j3o error

I have a model (contain Morph)
and load it to jme
then i use BinaryExporter to save

but when i load it again. it is error to load

I find “HEAD” mesh Material’s paramValues have a null param after render
this param “MorphWeights”



could be worth report on JME github with link to this topic, morph shapes were added and changed some time ago.

Noone had issues loading models, but maybe somewhere BinaryExporter have some issue.

To workarround this, add some “dummy” morph weight for now and report this on JME github.

Looks like some shader material issue since it relate to m_MorphWeights. So i belive its about that you dont use PBR material(or any that support morphs), while it try “init morphs” for other material?

what material definitions do you export that it have issue?

and well ofc, what JME version? (i understand the newest one?)

jme 3.5.2
right , newest

now I solved it by this way:
I remove some useless params before save ~