[SOLVED] Scene messed up (Blender > JME)

Hey guys. I’ve loaded my scene from Blender onto JME but for some reason the floor isn’t getting loaded. Here is a screenshot of how the scene should look:

Here is how it loads onto JME:

As you can see the floor disappears. (The blue plane is water). Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oddly enough the floor shows up only if I’m looking AGAINST it. Example (in scene loader but looking at it from below):

Well that already looks quite good. Your normals are probably flipped for the ground (i.e. they point downwards). Blender will show a texture for both the back side and front side of a model by default. You could set that in jME too but rendering back faces would cause unnecessary strain on the GPU. Select the ground faces and flip the normals (can’t say off the top of my head how exactly thats done in blender but it shouldn’t be too hard to find out).

You have the whole mesh selected in edit mode (tab) and use the flip normal command under normal’s submenu, which is under the mesh menu.

Also you can show normal’s in blender to sort that sort of thing out. It really should be a habit to check normal’s before an import. They can get funky at times.

Really impressed this imported so well. I typically end up doing a bit of work on the blender file to get everything coming in cleanly.

Yes Thank you so much normen! You’re awesomeeeee :smiley: I’m so hyped I created my first ever world and can walk in it! :smiley: In case you guys are having the same issue, in BLENDER select your object, press W and “Flip all normals”.

Ty very much. I was surprsied too. Albeit I had to re-colour all materials in Blender Render as I did this in Cycles (which is why the png looks so good and the model a little less) and had to scale everything up 40 times its size haha.

Depending on your usage, in particular how big you want it, you could bake the effects of Cycles into a texture so it’d look essentially the same.

I hate the way how blender show normals. You can use “N Panel” > Mesh Display > Face Normals (select cube image). Blue lines should show now. Best option in game modeling is in Shading section above: Backface culling. If something disappear - there are wrong normals :stuck_out_tongue:

Dad 3.0 SDK though… :frowning: