[SOLVED] SDK error v 3.2.4

Hi All. I am running jmonkey for evaluation purposes and I may have discovered a bug. I am testing asset loading and when trying to export a basic box model I made in blender to j3o, I am getting the following exception :

I am running eclipse and using maven and also using the SDK to create and test asset loading. In eclipse, I see the same exact error above when I update my pom jmonkey version from 3.2.0 to 3.2.4.

The blender model is a simple cube with one texture. I also noticed that the texture does not load in the SDK but it is loaded and rendered when I load the model in eclipse. Not sure if that is related or not.

The Blender importer is very sensitive to blender version because .blend files are not an interchange format. As such, each new version of Blender breaks something about this importer and it is unsustainable going forward. (I think Blender 2.8 mostly completely broke .blend files for our importer.)

GLTF is the most supported format going forward as it actually is an interchange format (it’s the only purpose for it) and has relatively wide industry backing. It’s the best bet for your asset pipeline needs. “Out of the box” working samples are also readily available at places like Sketchfab.

Ah ok. I thought blends where fully supported. I was using 2.77a

A couple more questions if I may.

Is it still recommended to export to JME binary formats or are loading times comparable these days if I don’t use JME formats?

Does JME support GLTF animations or am I better off with ogre? Are there any other model formats I should consider? How about collada?

Does JME have any support for animation blending (like blend trees in Unity).

Any other info on animation loading or support in general I would greatly appreciated! (like animation retargeting). Applying same animations across several different humanoid models is a pretty awesome feature in some other engines I have used so I am really curious what JME has. It has been several years since I have used JME

Thanks in advance!

j3o will always be faster to load than other formats.

GLTF supports animation.

There is some support for animation blending… sort of… there is more direct support for it in 3.3’s newer animation system (which gltf will use by default in newer JME).

Adding to what Paul said,

Yes, it does support both bone and morph animations. (Morph support is added in JME 3.3)

Yes, it does in the new animation system available in JME 3.3.
For example, an idle-walk-run blended animation.

Example code:

Yes, it is possible. You can use the Wes Animation Toolkit for animation retargeting which is developed by @sgold.

It’s available on JME store:


Thanks all! I used blender 2.8 to export my test models to GTLF and they all loaded perfectly in the SDK and in my project. Glad to see JME moving forward and better than ever! Hopefully I will be able to contribute some useful soon :grinning: