[SOLVED] Shadow Intensity

When a face of a Spatial is not exposed to a light source, that face is completely black, and I don’t want that. I want the texture on that face to be visible but not completely clear.

I know that ShadowRenderer has a shadow intensity setting, but that doesn’t do exactly what I want done.

You’re probably looking for AmbientLight.

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No, I want DirectionalLight

If you’re using PBR, remember you need a light probe.

You can use multiple DirectionalLights , pointlights on the same spatial with different directions so , you make sure that it gets illuminated from all the directions , if you donot want ambient light.

But this is the very definition of ambient light… so that the facing away face as SOME light.

Rewriting your desirement another way “This face is completely unlit and I want it a little bit lit.”

AmbientLight and/or LightProbe.

Ok, yes, that did work. Sorry about that @fba.

AmbientLight is everywhere, so wouldn’t that cause problems when doing something dark (like a cave) and something meant to brighter (like a tree)?

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then put ambient only into Node that have Tree.

Ok. I keep forgetting about seperate nodes…

Generally you should also look at PBR that have it better way using Light probes that blend each other, so in cave you would have dark light probe, while in external light one.