[SOLVED] Smoothing groups in Blender

Hi guys,

i’m having a little problem that might have a simple solution (i guess) but i couldn’t find the answer yet.

I want one of my models to be smooth, but with a couple of sharp edges, so i need smoothing groups.

What do i need to do in Blender/jme to make this work?

I already tried to use the EdgeSplit Modifier with the edges in question marked as sharp,

but in jme all the edges appear smooth.

What do?

Make sure the modifier is applied before exporting and “export normals” is checked. Try the .obj exporter.

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i will try this, thanks!

but i was wondering if i could get this done without the exporter, and just convert the blend files to j3o directly in the sdk?

ok i exported the model as obj and it worked perfectly fine, thanks for the hint!