[SOLVED] Some questions about lights and nodes


So I have been developing in jmonkey for about six months now, and I am getting really familiar with most of the ends and outs of the system. I have built several quick example games with all the common features: audio, animation, shadows, nifty guim, terrain, etc. But I am still very confused about how nodes and lights interact, and about the differences between getLocalLightList() and getWorldLightList().

Here are my questions as best as I can articulate them:

  1. When I add a light to the rootNode, do all nodes under rootNode see that Light in getLocalLightList()?

  2. When I add a light to a sub-node does that light render only on the items within that node?

  3. If I add the same light reference to two different nodes will that light then appear on both of them?

    and I have a final off topic node question:

  4. If I create an geometry; and then attach that geometry to two sub nodes; and then attach those two sub-nodes to the rootNode; will there be two instances of that geometry within the rootNode?

    Thank you for taking some time to help me.

  1. No. You have to get the world light list
  2. Yes
  3. Not sure about that, i guess it sticks to the last node it was attached too. Tho not sure…
  4. No a geometry can have only 1 parent node, so you cannot add that geometry to 2 nodes at once, only if you clone it.

    Check this out: https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:beginner:hello_node
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Thanks for the reply, cleared up most of my questions.