[SOLVED] Splash screen before simpleInitApp

I know it was already asked townsend times before here in the forum, but I had search and I could not find an good solution.
Think in a game in full screen resolution, it shows an screen for the user with an picture “loading”, as in any good professional game.
It suppose to be run/display “before” the simpleInitApp, since in this method I am loading the main scene from the menu etc, and its heavy, takes a few seconds to load.
So how to do it ?

  1. I dont think creating an simple pure java window will do, since the game is already in full screen mode when I call it.
  2. Make an scene in Jm3 also dosent work, since to render anything in the engine is just possible after the simpleInitApp.
    I could change the logic in my game moving all the code from simpleInitApp to an custom function called after the render starts and render some scene before I call it, but I would like to know if there is another option.
    Thanks in advance !

Do your other stuff after the first frame.

Thanks Normen, I will do it, I just wanted to confirm that its the only way.