[Solved] Terrain Collision Smoothing?

I generated a HilHeightMap, and it looks nice and smooth. However, When walking down slopes on it, my model/collision capsule moves like it is going down stairs. I’ve linked a video I made that shows this. The “stepping” happens at about 0:04, after the model is done glitching (I’ll save that question for another thread…).

I have tried calling the smooth() method, but it doesn’t seem to be helping (unless I’m just giving it the wrong values…).

Is there a way to smoothen out the collision mesh of the landscape so that I can go down slopes smoothly?

Thanks in advance!

Can you look from the side? Could it be that the player is falling and hitting the ground? If so, it may be more of a gravitational force or character mass issue (either the gravitational force is not high enough or the player doesn’t weigh enough) - or indeed weigh’s too much and is falling in accordance with this.

Thanks for the reply! My gravity was 25 before, and as I increased gravity it got more jittery, but by around 200 walking down slopes was nice and smooth.

A gravity of 25 is actually quite a lot. On earth you have only 9.8, so your weight will be twice and half more important on your planet, and close to … the gravity on the surface of Jupiter, if i understand what is said on this webpage:

And 200 … well, i don’t need to say how way-too-much this is.

I think that your problem comes from bettercharactercontrol, as it’s a physic-based controller. Try to use “charactercontrol”, it has a “slop down” parameter that is precisely designed to solve this problem (the “little fly, little fall” each step, right ? i didn’t see any problem on your video, as my internet is veryyyyy slow tonight and i get it with a quality worse than 244p).

What is your mass, collision shape size, etc.? Most people tend to accidentally make giant Styrofoam blocks. And while what bubuche says is also kind of true… the fact that adjusting gravity fixed the issue makes it seem like the mass is really light and the size is really big.