[SOLVED] Terrain Editor For JME3

Is there any Terrain Editor available for JME3?
I am unable to use inbuilt editor, because every time I open it, it becomes irresponsive. Means it hangs.

Thank in advance

Some issues have been reported with the SDK freezing recently. It seems that the issue is due to the site complete overhaul and the SDK trying to access the web site for various pages, that are not responding anymore.
We are working to fix this ASAP.

But yes there is a build it terrain editor in the SDK.

Any alternative editor to edit terrain outside SDK, for texture splating not heightmap?

You could use blender.
Make a terrain with blender, then export a height map from it (make sure it’s at least 16b per channel).
then paint your terrain in blender (there are plenty tutorials to do that using a texture as stencil between each material layer).

once you’re done you are going to need to export those stencils and pack them by 4 into one png. This is going to be your terrain alpha map.

Also, those links could be helpful:
-Import an heightmap in blender-
-Export an heightmpat from blender-

I am familiar with blender. I have made texture splating using stencil in blender. I am a blender user.
Thank you nehon and Riccardo for the input.