Hey there… I'm trying to add a texture to my "horse" model… I'm kindof stuck can anyone help me out?

does the console report that the image is null?  It may be that it is unable to find "horsetex.tga"…  Isn't there a better way of grabbing textures when importing a model though?

would be good to know what kind of "stuck" you are…

MrCoder, he already said…he's "kindof stuck". :-p


hahaha…darn, the only time I'm funny is when I don't intend to  :wink:

ok… sorry guys…

I'm pretty new to jme and all i want is to import the model (obj) and my texture (tga) now, I dont know with what method i attach the texture to the model.

yeah, and it looks kindof correct  :wink:

so what is not working? do you get an errormess upon running the prog, or is the texture not showing up on the model or what?

Nice horsey, pretty horsey!

Stay…stay…good horse!

Seems pretty obedient too. :slight_smile:


ok… I got it to work now… I dont know why it didnt show up that one time. Its actually working beatuifully now: