[SOLVED] ”The JDK is missing and is required to run some NetBeans modules”

I’m running Ubuntu 12.04, 64 bit.

Just downloaded JMonkey and I really can’t solve this thing…

When I start jMonkeyPlatform I get this message:


I tried to download the SDK and running from jMonkeyPlatform from terminal as root like this:

sudo /bin/sh "/home/lorenzo/jmonkeyplatform/bin/jmonkeyplatform"

and I get this:
/home/lorenzo/jmonkeyplatform/bin/jmonkeyplatform: 11: /home/lorenzo/jmonkeyplatform/bin/../etc/jmonkeyplatform.conf: /home/lorenzo/Desktop/Java/jdk1.7.0_05: Permission denied

I think it's an Ubuntu related issue, but hopefully someone can help me?

(Not sure it's the right place to ask for help, sorry if it isn't)

…why is that window not showing a link to the wiki anymore…?

Anyway: https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/sdk:troubleshooting

Re-installed, re-edited the conf file and works just fine :smiley:

(sorry for the double post, didn’t mean to)