[SOLVED] Tiled Terrain

Does JME have support for tile-based terrain?  TerrainBlock and TerrainPage seem to lend themselves toward flight sim style terrain.  I don't see a way to use them for tile-based terrain.  I just wanted to confirm this before starting on my own homegrown solution.

I use TerrainPage and rather than having to do a homegrown solution, I just split the terrain up into logical tiles by doing some simple measurements - translating from tiles to coordinates etc.  Whether there exists a better solution - others may know.

there is no spoon.


solution :frowning:

Thanks for the responses.  I've played around a bit with TerrainBlocks and TerrainPages a bit more and have had some success so far.  I'll stay on this route for now and see where it takes me.

manan - see the terra thread - it will handle this well.

made an experiment several weeks ago to make it similar to command and conquer, it doesnt have to be continous, just dont supply it any more data when you reach the edge