[Solved] Translucent Material Problem

I’m trying to make glass domes, but the look like this:

As you can see, the glass material is in front of the opaque material. I tried changing render bucket settings in the sdk, but with no effect.
And help would be appreciated.

you can check all options of this in SS Editor :wink:

Wow. I found it: I have to enable depth test in the additional render state of the material. Just putting this here for anyone else looking.

@javasabr Does your editor have a blender importer BTW?

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blender/obj/glFT/etc :wink:
it’s latest develop build

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I might just switch to it then. :wink:

you can edit all render state settings in my editor:

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I might just be blind, but how can I import blender models?
There doesn’t seem to be an option anywhere.

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