[SOLVED] Use BitmapText setColor with Label

I use a BitmapText and now I’m upgrading it with a Lemur Label, but I use this method which don’t seem to have a direct replacement: should I go back to BitmapText or is there a better route?

public void setColor(int start, int end, ColorRGBA color)

(I want to have half the text of one color, and the other half of another color)


The problem with trying to do this through Label without an official API support for it (to some extent even then) is that Label actually has multiple BitmapText.

Note that if you are not using shadows and you do not require actual index-level access then there are also the color-tags that BitmapText supports. This will still work through Label also but if you have shadows then it will color the shadows, too.

Color tags are mostly undocumented feature where you can embed color tags in the string to affect the color:

 * Contains the color information tagged in a text string
 * Format: \#rgb#
 *         \#rgba#
 *         \#rrggbb#
 *         \#rrggbbaa#