[Solved] UV-Coordinates imported wrong

Hey guys, :slight_smile:
I’m having trouble with a model of a windmill - All models, that I created in Blender, were imported right - Even UV mapping, armatures and all these things.
But this time, I’ve downloaded the model from the internet and I think, the author made some hidden option, that makes the UV coordinates appear wrong. :frowning:

This is the windmill in Blender:

And the texture: (The “wings” are using a different texture, but those are displayed fine)

The result: :frowning:

I tried a simple texture with four colored squares to see, how the texture is wrapped - It seems, that the texture is repeated at the windows and the door.
So there have to be some kind of texture coordinates, just the wrong ones.

Maybe someone of you can look into the .blend file and fix this thing^^
(The skin.xml file in the folder is just my own file format for assigning materials such as colors, textures to the mesh, because those aren’t contained in the .mesh.xml file

destro :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve already tried image flipping and all the things I found in the forum - But it seems, that the texture is created correct - There are just the wrong coordinates. Unfortunately, I didn’t found a way to display them easily. Let’s hope, someone of you know the reason why the model looks so strange. :smiley:

What if you look at the unwrapping in blender? Is the door at the correct position?

Thanks for the quick answer. :slight_smile:
I think it’s right, as the first image shows, the UV mapping in blender is correct - I’ve looked at the unwrapped mesh and it seems ok:

Just a shot in the dark since it seems that no texCoords at all are used. Maybe using ‘alternative texture coordinates’ on the material does something.
From the look, the model does not use TexCoord0 for uv mapping

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Ah, I discovered the error. There existed two UV Maps in Blender - The exporter script only exported the first one, while blender was displaying the second one^^
I just deleted the first one (which was empty, as you said, I think) and now it works perfectly. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the quick help! :slight_smile:

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