[Solved] Vista64 issue for windowed applications


I'm new to the jMonkey-Engine, but i am really impressed of the engine abilities.

But i have one problem: all jme applications run in windowed mode, but the window

does not show anything except a black pane.

If i switch to fullscreen mode everything is fine.

I am using Vista Ultimate 64.

Any help is appreciated,


I am already using jme 2.0 version from svn. I switched to JOGL but this does not work also.

After some googling i found a solution: switching off the Aero Design of Vista.

Sadly this solution won't do for me. 

Not sure… Perhaps it could be related to windowed mode being set to 24 bpp?

Can't help, but can say that it works fine on my Vista 64 Ultimate machine, albeit with a 32 bit JDK.

Thank you for your answers.

@renanse; i thought of it. but how can  archive the windowed mode running also with 32bpp ?

@alric: i am using a 32bit jdk, too.

Edit: i switched the desktop to 16 bpp, windowed apps now run perfect in 16bpp. So its definitely a bpp Problem.

So after spending some time investigating:

  • if windows display settings are 16bpp, everything works quite fine (even for 24bpp)
  • if windows display settings >16bpp  , the windowed contents will not be painted. i encountered this being a

    common issue among any jwjgl game (tested it with "Tribal Trouble" and a game called "DiamondCrush").

    So i won't blame jMonkey for that issue … :wink:



If you are using jME 2.0 from svn, try choosing JOGL instead of lwjgl…  maybe you will have a different result.

i had the same problem. it simply seems to be a driver issue under vista. if you set your desktop to 32 bit colors and start your game with 32 bits as well it should work. the 24 bits only work on a 16 bit desktop because it seems to fallback to the desktops setting.


thanks for your answer dhdd. My desktop ist 32bpp anyway. I really hate that driver issue :frowning: