[SOLVED] Where are the default material definitions stored?

Hello Materials tutorial says they are found in “jme/core-data/Common/MatDefs/…”, however my installation top level is called jmonkeyplatform, not jme, and it doesn’t contain a core-data folder or any MatDefs that I can find.


Your installation “jmonkeyplatform” is most likely just the SDK. The SDK is a customized version of netbeans. The actual engine/library is referenced in the project you create.

I can’t tell you “where it is” on your hard drive, but I can tell you where it is in the library itself. Click the link below. The titles of github links aren’t very descriptive :confused:

why do you need to find them?

generally you just use them, all this Common folder is included.

ingame it is load(“Common/…”) not jme/core-data/Common, so you start with Common word and assetManager know how to load it.

But if you want preview them, you can use github like said above:

i only needed this to make own shaders using IDE, because material preview in IDE were using 3.2.2 while game was in 3.3 and Common lib shaders were not compatible with my, so i just copied them into my ShaderLib folder and shader worked with changed dirs.

Thank you both for your help. I found that if I create a new MatDef, and open it, there is a pull down list called Material Definition which has all the predefined materials in the Common directory. So i don’t really need to know where they are stored anymore.

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For the curious, they live in jme3-core.jar with all the other ‘standard equipment’ bits.

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