[SOLVED] Where can I see all @todo or keywords marks in code? (not visible) )

Hello again :smile:

One simple question today. I’m using JME SDK 3.0
I tryed some @todo tags in my comments like this.

//@todo test 


/* @todo test */

Here is written ( project_creation) that all todo’s are shown on the side, where also shown errors and warnings.
But on my window only errors and warnings are shown.
Can someone tell me if I do something overlooked or what I need to adjust? :flushed:

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your EsKay

heheh… eh… heh…

You might be looking for the “Action Items” window… (?) I looked at the page and yeah… it looks to be off by one menu item…

oh and you can just do it like:

// todo - remember the list of things....

Hope this helps,

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Many thanks dear!
That’s exactly what I’m looking for :blush: :blush: :blush: