[SOLVED]Where is jME3-ai.jar?

Hi all, I’m learning jme3 Android examples. When building JmeAndroidDemo[GitHub - jMonkeyEngine/JmeAndroidDemo: The goal of this project is to demonstrate JME 3.0 capabilities on Android.] it depends on jME3-ai.jar, where can I find this jar? Cant find it in jME3 SDK. :frowning:

OK, found a jME3 AI Library plugin. :smiley:

You should have posted a link with your reply to help other people looking for the same thing you were.

Found it in the SDK too. I see no link in the plugin description. But yes, a link is always nicer than just “I found it” messages. :chimpanzee_smile:

I use (jmonkeyflatform)NetBeans IDE, found it from menu “Tools > Plugins”, search for keywords"jME3 AI Library".

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Is this available in 3.1 i cant seem to see it in the plugins