Solved - Where is the Ninja Blender File?

I want to use the Ninja blender file so I can see how that translates to the ogre file I already have.
I thought Jmonkey engine was Open Source…

So where is the Blender file for the Ninja?

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I would of liked to seen them myself. That would of gave some insight on how some things are done with modeling and materials.

Edit: By them I means all of the models.

actually SOME of the models are included in the “jme3-testdata.jar”
unzip the jar and look for a folder called jme3-testdata/Blender/

You will find a bunch of .blend files
However the Ninja.blend is not there…

Anybody know where the Ninja Blender file is? or Ninja 3ds file??
Or can someone upload that so we all can use it?

[Ogre Models | Ogre Wiki]

[Ogre Models | Ogre Wiki]

EDIT: I would suggest such a webpage or wikipage for jME too.

After over a year of working with this I never even looked in those files.

Yes, there may be a page on it somewhere I but I don’t recall seeing anything mentioned. Ill add it to my todo list.

In case you don’t know, here’s the best link I could find:

[Insane Software]

It might become a nice Real-Life-Quest™ to find that “Psionic”. Since the ninja model looks like it’s from the early 2000’s or late 1990’s, this is 20 years in the past now - welcome to archeology of the data storage age! :wink:

EDIT: And it seems like this was neither made with Blender nor with 3DS-Max. But most certainly it’s been imported via the Ogre-3D-importer, because "once upon a time"™ (9 years ago) this was the only way to get really good animated models into jME.

I like the way insane did that page. I think that’s the style I will adopt for the wiki page.

Ah thanks thats really great. At least there was a ms3d file I could use in Blender.

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