[SOLVED] Wheres the New Terrain Button?

Hi i have seen the help localy and it says that i can create a new terrain in a node with the Terrain Editor, the problem is that the SceneExplorer dosent shows any nodes, even thought i have created some in the past, and there is no New Terrain button, also, i know im missing something obvious but i cant seem to find it and i dont have a lot of time to guess. Thanks.

PLEASE PPEASE PLEASE go through the beginner tutorials. Everything is explained there!

I looked at the wiki for this subject and made some minor changes to clarify the steps needed to create the terrain. It was missing some things.


You still need to do as domenic says and read the wiki and do tutorials to understand the rest but this should get you on your way. The main wiki link is in the navigation menu to this forum.


Just what i was searching for