[SOLVED] World server design questions simethereal


log.warn(“Pausing history collect. Overlow detected, current history size:”

Yes… unless someone can come up with a plausible definition for “overlow” so that I can deny it. :slight_smile:

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More progress.

Just need change the interface a little and add client ping.

Everything now works.

Have to say Spring was a great suggestion. This is completely reactive so it doesn’t even mess with the game and should be scaleable to 1000s of users if I ever get that lucky.

Should make setting up user credentials easy to. Which is my next phase with Vault. I built a Lemur gui for Authentication, including allowing use in public spaces, reset, get lost passwords and gui customization. Just gotta start add things to the stubs.

Gonna mark this Solved.

Edit: Thanks for the help everyone.


Sorry for reviving this thread

I learned a lot of stuff from this thread and wanted to thanks from all you guys and specially @jayfella for his awesome explanation here

Previously I was handling multiple games within one gameserver. So I had one gameserver, one embedded database, and one EntityData (Zay-ES) to handle multiple games and all entity data from all games was going to just one database. I needed to take care of filtering entities based on game ID both at the server-side and client-side… Ah…I was stupid. :man_facepalming:

On top of that if the server was crashed then all the games it was running would be down, also clustering was not possible.

In the new approach, I will handle just one game in a single gameserver. So for each new game, a new instance of the gameserver will be spawned on a different port and with its own embedded database. Very simple and clean. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do not why I did not get to know this in the first place. :thinking:

On top of that now if one gameserver crashes it won’t affect other games also it can be easily clustered on a Kubernetes or Google Agones cloud if I ever want to host them by myself in the future.

Anyway, just wanted to appreciate from you all. :heart: