[solved] Wrong texture


I’ve got a problem with the textures, if i don’t load them and apply on my nodes druing the initialization they don’t load. Instead of the correct texture the last loaded in the initalization time is beeing used.

All my objects have the reference to the DisplaySystem, and it seems when my game is initialized DisplaySystem.getRender().createTextureState() doesn’t work properly, or at least not like i expect it to work.

Any ideas?

hmm, now im confused it seems i was wrong. The models are completly black, and im using one almost completly black texture so i thought its beeing applied on the models imstead of the proper texture. However pressing the L button makes the textures visible so i guess it has something to do with the light.

Any ides? I guess i probably should move to BaseGame :slight_smile:

EDIT: okay i figuredout myself, i had to call the updatereRenderState(); and everything is fine !