Some forum changes

You’ll notice that there’s been a couple changes in the forum structure recently. I am working to streamline the process of starting, listing and submitting projects of differing nature. We also now have a template mod installed, which allows me to set a default template for every new thread started in individual boards. E.g. in every troubleshooting board the user would be prompted with a couple standard questions before he posts.

If you have any suggestions for standard questions to ask troubleshooters before they make their post feel free to throw it in here. As an example of how this mod works you can already head on over to the ‘User Code’ board (which name is tentative btw) and start a new thread to see how the template gives you a couple of pointers. Please don’t post anything unless you intended to in the first place though :wink:

Lastly, we are experimenting with a new ‘tags’ feature. The idea is to make sorting of very specific subjects a lot easier, like finding the posts related to your favorite project. Skye will have to do some theme tweaks for it to show up as a menu button. Until then, as an example you can go to the bottom of Falken’s JBullet project then press the jbullet link in order to list all related posts. Neat eh? :slight_smile:

Now keep in mind, this feature relies on how well the individual developer updates his post with tags…