Some geometry disappears?

First: see the image, its explains my problem the best, watch the hands:
after moving it a little bit down:
and some code, the whole thing you are seeing is a j3o file (with animation, straight from blender, which normally works fine)
I am using a second viewport so…

	itemCam = mainapp.getCamera().clone(); //MAY BE THE PROBLEM??? 
itemView = app.getRenderManager().createMainView("Item_ViewPort", itemCam);
		itemView.setClearFlags(false, true, false);
		itemView.attachScene( itemVisualNode );
	    AmbientLight ambient = new AmbientLight();
and loading the model:
	itemSpatial =  am.loadModel("Items/Models/testall.j3o");
		Vector3f vectorDifference = new Vector3f(0,0,4.5f);
		Quaternion worldDiff = new Quaternion(c.getRotation().mult(itemSpatial.getWorldRotation().inverse()));

		itemSpatial.rotate(45*FastMath.DEG_TO_RAD, FastMath.PI, 0);
		control = ((Node) itemSpatial).getChild("sleeve").getControl(AnimControl.class);
		channel = control.createChannel();

Some more info about the camera:
location:(0.0, 0.0, 10.0)

It seems to remove it after a 45 degree invissible thingy. change the rotation changes it too, but what did I wrong?

I guess the problem is that the bounding box of the mesh gets out of the camera frustum so it’s culled.
Model bounds are not updated with the animations (would be very expensive) so you have to make sure the animation doesn’t move the model too much from it’s scene graph world position.

A quick fix would be to set the model to cullHint.Never. But there are implications to this : it will never be culled. But considering the kind of game you seem to work on it’s probably ok because the hand will always be visible anyway.

Yeah you are right I think! i saw it from going through the blue box in the scene composer.
Okay, it is indeed always rendered, except switching (see that little gui right middle screen? That red box is the selected one, switching,which works with mouse scroll or pressing 1, Will detach this and attach a pre loaded other weapon).
My game is a fps, so it the hands Will be rendered most time

Thank you :slight_smile: I really thougt I was doing something from with the math part.

Another solution would be btw, to manually specify and overide the bounding box with a larger correct one.