Some Housecleaning Around the Site

Over the past few days we’ve taken a number of steps to increase the website’s reliability as well as to provide the community with the best environment to help your own projects (as well as jME) thrive.

Some users have experienced very short outages(less than one minute) at 0600 EST also known as 1200 GMT+1…  We’ve made a number of changes to the backup scripts in order to minimize the chances of problems coming up.

We do also have nightly builds running here…  We’re not sure of the course to take with these and whether or not to leave them all up or not, but please leave feedback as to your own preference :slight_smile:

Erlend’s also been a busy man looking into ways to more efficiently communicate within the community as well as keep the documentation chain flowing.  We’re currently investigating dokuwiki alternatives as well as forum tools to aid in these areas.

To the communication end, you might have noticed the chat button pop up around the site… please come on in!  It’s been much more active the past few days and can be a great tool for someone to answer a quick question or just to kick back for a few minutes :slight_smile:

Now, bed time!