Some material resources for test are missing

TestTransparentCartoonEdge and TestTransparentSSAO fails.

Resource ‘Models/Tree/Tree2.material’ doesn’t exist.

And some other materials are missing too.

TestLodStress fails because ‘Models/Teapot/Teapot.material’ is missing.

In fact there is no use of the tree2.material, the tree2.mesh.xml specifies the usage of trunk.j3m and leaves.j3m.

The loader assume that it has to load a .material when loading something else than a OgreXmlKey…

This is apparently used for the ogre .scene loader


I worked around this by catching the AssetNotFoundException in the MeshLoader when trying to locate the .material file and throwing a warning to avoid the test cases failure, but maybe this would need more attention.

In some cases when we override the material, we may not want to load the original material for that model.

In that case I think it is okay to catch that exception specifically for materials only (not skeleton.xml) and replace the material with RedColor.j3m