Some more NN stuff

I saw that there was some stuff about NN mentioned already and I saw that Nero game was mentioned, while being a pretty cool game, there actually is a better one using the same NEAT technology.

Called Galactic Arms Race,

It uses cgNEAT to generate the weapons, which is very slick.

check out these links:

Dr. Erin J. Hastings

HyperNEAT User's Page

Java Code:

NNRG Software - NEAT Java (JNEAT)

You can get the NEAT particles demo here:

I kinda want to try my hand at making a game that uses the NEAT particles, and was gonna check out using jmonkey engine and red dwarf.

But still working on getting java down pact first, not my first lang so it isn't too hard to learn, more concerned with getting the principals of the NEAT code down, since I will probably translate it from the C++ version of HyperNEAT.