Some more thoughts on AI

I was thinking and i thought it'd be cool if the charactor tracked you like in hl2 so i started writing up some stuff i'll post it later but this is basicly it.

class player
setSubject(Node n)// returns a subject object made it a node so they can focus on a tv or something
rotateHead(Quaternion h)
rotateShoulders(Quaternion s)
getDirectionOfHead()//vector 3 returned
getDirectionOfShoulders()//vector 3 returned
getDirectionofEyes()//vector 3 returned
subject.outOfView(player.getDirectionOfEyes)//returns a boolean if the subject is in the field of view of the players eyes
subject.getPosition()//returns the required Quaternion for player to face subject

any suggestions are welcome

ran into a few problems maybe you guys could help me thur them.  I'm tring to use JointController and just update it frame by frame on a few joints is this even possible?  Would JointController.pointInTime do what i want?  Only problem is I don't know how to use it documentation doesn't make much sense.  Like if it's a PointinTime controller why set the time?

i am really not sure if those controller fit to our wanted behaviour.

for me it looks like that the controllers animate the object through space but their real position doesn't change, so if the controller ends the controlled object will return to that point where the controller began movement.

that's really an unwanted behaviour but i did not get any response on that in my post here

I don't understand what your saying.  What it's suppose to do is just change ther animation so your charactor is looking at and making eye contact with the subject.

If "player" stopped sensing another "player" or "subject" the shoulders may snap back to its default direction (and position), and do so unrealistically fast.

A suggestion might be to objectify the body parts intended for animation, i.e. have individual classes for body parts, each possessing values e.g. their position and direction, possibly relative to the "player". The less convoluted representation of a "player" may allow for an easier design/implementation of reliably realistic animation.

when the animation stops it sets the model to the position it's in.  This prevents that I always had that in mind i guess it's just the way it was worded before that messed me up

It seems an effective/re-usable implementation or inclusion of AI for JME might be, at the very least be (or in other words, might be initially) a collection of abstract classes. AI is something you either make work or poke a stick at for fun.

I wanted to contribute to the AI component in 2004 but DP was getting a lot of code out, also I had found full-time employment that I could not refuse. That employment is to end soon so if someone can answer this question, with instructions and in regards to winCVS:

"I just upgraded to WinCvs 1.3.18 or later and can no longer find a place to enter my CVSROOT. Where has the General tab gone?"

I would be glad to be contributing code with my newfound free time.

I had that problem i just switched to the old version of it