Some nice words for everyone here

Hello everybody,

as today and soon my last day of work this year comes to an end I will, like many of you, leave JME for some time until it tickles fingers again.
I wanted to take this opportunity to let you live up and point out a few nice and thankful words to you.

You are simply great and wonderful! (short version)

Like many of you, I thought I had a lot of time this year for JME-related topics, only to find that progress was relatively small and slow.
As a clerk in a critical infrastructure company, I usually sit right on the other side of the table. I have to use the software - that many of you create - swallow as it comes.

JME is a hobby and luxury that I am lucky to be able to afford and nothing that I need in any way to pay for my buns.
So I see some things rather with big children’s eyes, that is more the daily standard for many of you. And also for this reason I am always fascinated and surprised by what you are doing.

You all have my respect - no matter if you are

  • already working professionally in IT
  • are still students or lecturers yourself
  • or simply pursuing a hobby or curiosity

You save my brain from drying out and dulling that boring jobs are often associated with.
Through you I learn (sometimes) and experience (but don’t get it) a lot of interesting things and I wish I had infinite time to
to do a doctorate in the different disciplines offered and discussed here.

Also the quality of your projects always amazes me - I wish for many of you:

  • Please let him/her or this team produce my professional software ! *
  • Why didn’t I fall into the same pot of talent potion for XYZ as a child?

_* I have suggested this VR fire extinguishing software from Finland(?) for introduction in my job - maybe one day it will be - only the processes drag on for years in our company…

People say the mother of stupidity is always pregnant!

If I see certain concepts, process structures or even just mathematical approaches that are presented and discussed here again and again, then I am a little reassured.
There are really clever inventors and free spirits everywhere in the world - as you come from everywhere.
You’re a source of inspiration and a source of thought in many different directions. Sometimes you just find so much worth knowing, fascinating and interesting while cross reading the forum that you are surprised that the day is over again.

I could certainly write a lot more poetic prose now, but since I haven’t received the Nobel Prize for Literature yet,
I just hope my appreciation for you has become clear.

You are simply great and wonderful!

Don’t let yourself get down and I look forward to reading from you again soon, e.g. in the screenshot threat.