Some pointers requested for a beginner to start the right way

Hi *

It's a beginner how asks for some advice.

(I'm that beginner)

So. Background:

  1. Me wants to make game. Arrr.
  2. I feel ok with Java.
  3. Result expected is a bit more graphical than a command line game n_n
  4. searchin' … ah, Java 3D. Two-three weeks of "testing", looks like nice, but I read about performance issues. Plus the project is spoken of as "left aside"?
  5. searchin' … ah JOGL. Ow. Facing a big one there am I?
  6. searchin' … jsr-231? irrlicht? jMonkey? Arrrh! I'm lost!

    jMonkey is described as nice and backed by a very active community -> sounds like the nice place to go.

    Experimented people, or beginners who've found their way: Is this what a hobbyist needs to make games like Might and Magic for instance?

    Any good tutorial to suggest me to begin with? There's so many of them!

    Or, good … book?

    Please suggest me the way… thanks all!

    see you around n_n

Its best if you follow one of the tutorials to set up jme in eclipse or netbeans and then, play around with the examples in the jmetest package.

That way you soon get a feeling for jme and then you can see if it fits your needs or not.

It also depends on how much programming experience you have. You mentioned you played with Java3D for a while. Does that mean that you feel comfortable with SceneGraph designs and spatial relationships?

If so, you can probably dive-in to FlagRushTutorial or the Hello* tutorials.

hey thanks for the answers.

Well programming experience, a few years in various languages, and focused on java for a year now. But this very first time I began "game programming" is 3 weeks ago!

Well basically yes, the scene graph from j3D has a very OO and hierarchical approach, which made it not too hard for me… canvas, virtualuniverse, view, viewgroup, etc.

it's the same philosophy here?

Ok, I'll begin with the hello* package!

Lurking around here (the forums) and checking the wiki will also be really helpful.