Some quastions about engine

Hi guys,

Looks like you’ve got nice engine here. I’m considering using this one to my small project. But first I’ve got couple of questions. Let’s start with two most important ones connected to shader system:

  1. Can I define and bind custom attribute per vertex? (like using glBindAttribLocation)
  2. Is adjacency info such as triangleadj, lineadj in geometry shader supported?

Thanks in advance for replay,

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You can define abitrary buffers for meshes, so you can store own stuff there.
Geometry shaders can be written, so you have normal glsl functionality there, no magic going on.


Ok, thank you very much for quick reply.


Are you saying geometry shaders are already available in JME3?

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Wow! Sorry for my being ignorant… the last time I remember the talks about Geometry Shaders were when people were like “hmmm we should consider adding these at some point in the future…” and now look! Already there… eh, time flies…