Some questions about the wiki

Hi everyone,

I have several questions about the wiki.
I’m talking about this (official wiki, I believe), with it’s source here.

Who contributes to the wiki?

Is there someone who is dedicated to the documentaion? Is it just a bunch of people fixing small issues? Is anyone actively adding and/or removing pages?

Does the wiki have an underlying framework?

I really like how Read the Docs looks. Tiled uses it for it’s documentation.

Does the wiki have something similar, or is all the CSS and JS made by jME contributors?
It seems like a lot of work to do it manually.

Is there any demand for a ‘refresh’ in information?

First of all, when scrolling through the main page, I see a lot of projects/features which I have never heard of before, and which seem pretty useful (e.g. cubes, open game finder (seems outdated?), or combo moves). I feel that projects like these should get more attention. Maybe they need a page on their own, which features an extensive list of these projects?

Second of all, some essential libraries don’t seem to be referenced by the wiki at all, like SimEthereal or slf4j.

Third of all, the tutorials don’t feel like they completely give a new user the knowledge they need. All ‘hello’ examples are single class examples using simpleInitApp(). None of them use AppStates. None of create shaders. None of them are a full, working example of a game.
When I first started with jME more than a year ago, I did all the tutorials. Suddenly having finished them all, I looked at the next section of the wiki, which used terms like “optimization”, “best practices”, or “multi-media asset pipeline”. I read the docs which had simpler titles (those which ended with “for dummies”), and went on to create a game myself (because of this, I had no idea about the existence of appstates until I had finished my first prototype game).
I feel like there should be topics like “how to start your own game”, “let’s make a simple game of 3d space invaders”, or “what to do now you know the basics”, which explain how to start creating your own game.

What’s up with the quotation marks?

Only the first one shows up, the second one doesn’t exist. Not even in the source???


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Who contributes to the wiki?

Many monkeys. you are free to contribute to it. I believe @mitm is reading and fixing it for now.

Does the wiki have an underlying framework?

Is there any demand for a ‘refresh’ in information?

Many of the projects are contributions to jMonkeyEngine, you can find them here:

Document about how to use AppState, Control, Shader are here:

What’s up with the quotation marks?

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If there’s any information you’d like to add, feel free to suggest anything! I’m sure there are places the wiki could use updating, or rearranging.


I consider the wiki critical to the survival of jmonkey myself so I took up the cause.

Yes. Anyone who gets the urge can contribute.

Removing pages is not something that’s currently done because the wiki covers more than one version. Ideally, a new wiki would follow each release but that requires a team dedicated solely to that purpose, just like the core team for the engine.

Documentation is tedious, requires a more intimate knowledge of the engine than most users have and expects you to learn a new language to contribute. There’s no glory in it either so this all leads to less interest in contributing.

The wiki can use style sheets to make it snazzy but its not a priority at the moment.

The syntax usage requirement wouldn’t change. How its presented could be. Using Mark Down for documentation is a no brainer once you understand what it does and how to use it.

Its up to the project creator to document there own projects and if a project is not an official part of jmonkey it will at best usually just get a link to it somewhere unless someone takes up the cause and writes a tutorial for it. [quote=“anon54790888, post:1, topic:39224”]
None of them use AppStates. None of create shaders. None of them are a full, working example of a game.
That’s slowly going to change.

This looks to be a conversion problem to me.
Just a guess but…
The wiki used to be stored on World Press and I’m not certain but it may be that a font was used to place the smart quotes directly into the text and World Press recognized it as such without any special formatting instructions. When converting to AsciiDoctor, smart quotes use back ticks enclosed by quotation marks to format text so instead of striping out the problematic smart quote, it leaves half of it there to let you know there is a problem with the formatting.

When I first came to jmonkey it had just changed over to using AsciiDoctor and was nearly unreadable with outdated info, broken links and significant formatting problems. The wiki is over 500 pages and I had to prioritize what to fix immediately while learning how to use AsciiDoctor and the jmonkey engine so the most obvious thing was to try and fix all broken links first, then formatting, then content. I felt it would be best to fix 10 pages of broken links in a day rather than one or two pages completely.

Smart quotes didn’t and do not even hit my radar screen to sum it up.

Feel free to fix them though, you can find the original wiki using

by entering

so you can figure out what the original authors intent was. Its important to keep that in mind when editing. They spent the effort to write the pages so respect their efforts…

The best is which gives a calendar of dates to chose from. Drilling down will produce results like this, | Home
so you can navigate the documentation.