Some questions,online help

1.SimpleApplication class >>> window custom layout .

2.MAP edit tools. save.

4.complete demo.

I just contact the engine, need some help, thanks


I dont really understand what your first and second point is asking.

Regarding save game - It’s entirely up to you. It depends entirely on your game. A better question would be “I have an inventory, what would be the best way to store that associatively with a player”.

Regarding complete demo - There are a ton of demo’s floating around the internet. But the best ones for somebody new to the engine are the “hello” tutorials such as:

and so on…

I need a map edit tools.

i’ll assume the 1 & 2 is about about using jme inside something like swing,
3 - is about saving the data you get from it & 4 well have a standalone of it…
other than that the respond to 1 is maybe :
But yeah there isn’t any question there…

I need serious learn,thanks.

JME depend Blender?

Blender is included in the SDK.