Some scene objects not visible

Hi all,
I have just found a problem in the latest nightly of the android code and I don’t know what the problem could be.
When I run my game on a normal PC Windows, all works well as should, but when I run it on my android device it doesn’t show my objects that contains lighting materials.
It used to work fine before the last update.
Please help?

Are you using nightly from march 5?

I changed some things yesterday. I don’t think that could affect this though…

Yes I am using the latest nightly available.
It is really strange because some objects do show and some don’t. Even some lighting objects show.
What scares me is that it runs on PC as suppose to except on a phone.
Could it not be the way jME handles anti aliasing?

yeah maybe, That’s what i changed. Don’t worry at worst I can roll back the change
I just hope i’ll be able to have the issue on my devices…

Ok so, how would I be able to test that that was actually the problem?
Any ideas, since I already have the nightly.
Can I update back to a previous nightly build?

Okay nehon,
I have changed my MainActivity class to make use of the LEGACY configuration and when I do that it works as expected.
This change leads me to think that it was the code you changed for ani aliasing that caused the problem.

I am now using:
[java]eglConfigType = ConfigType.LEGACY;[/java]

ok…so definitely I broke your game :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m sorry.
I’ll test this tonight, maybe I’ll come back to you for further testings.

Cool, no problem.

I committed a change. It won’t fix your issue, but it will allow me to sort things out hopefully.
So please follow theses steps :

  1. in your main activity set the configType to BEST
  2. in your mainactivity constructor add this line
  3. check for the log when the app is started and look for “--------------Display Configurations---------------” and copy the log until the end put it in a pastebin and post it here.

The issue you’re experiencing is that the system fails to find the “BEST” configuration (probably my mistake) and it falls back to the first available. The first available is very often a configuration with no depth bits, so display is just completely screwed up.
I could just choose the LEGACY config in this case, but I’d like to know why it fails to find the best one.

EDIT : you may have to wait for tomorrows nightly though

I have updated the nightly build and setup according to your request.
First, the game actually work fine now.
Second, here is the log to see my output.

uh ok… so now it is working as expected…I didn’t change how it’s done, i just now log all the known opengles2 configurations…

That is really strange.