Some Texturing Tips links

Hi all :slight_smile: . I came across some interesting texturing tips and didn’t know where to share so thought of sharing it here. I am sharing the links below. Hope this helps anyone. If the links have been shared before then I this is just some sort of repost :facepalm: .

DOTA 2 Character Art Guide

DOTA 2 Character Color Texture Guide

I am also sharing the results that I got from just following the instruction and would say am quite happy about it :slight_smile: since texturing is a killer for me :-[ . All of the models are shadeless/unshaded and not a single light is in the scene. I used blender for 3D modeling and GIMP for texturing. Any way here are the results:

This one is in Blender and shadeless. No Light.

This one is also in Blender and shadeless, no light. Comparing with a Monkey with just colormap.

This one is in JME and UnShaded. No Light.

K Out!