Something is wrong - how to fix it?

sorry for the unspecific topic, but this is exactly the problem. something is wrong. i had a lot of hard to trace bugs in my dungeon because there are several scales, rotations and translations scattered on multiple node levels. sometimes i had to move an object around by half of its worldbound which was unknown at that time yet because the parent has not been fully created and the worldscale was still unknown.

in such a scenegraph, how do you find bugs?

right now, i'm in a situation where i can add a sphere to a node at XYZ and it shows up at the correct spot. when using a model instead of the placeholder, i can't see it because (according to its worldbound) it's below the ground - and i don't see why it ends up down there. if i try another approach that should work as well, it might work (in my case, it did) - and i still don't see why the first one didn't.

could it be that the model was not centered when it was exported?

Core-Dump said:

could it be that the model was not centered when it was exported?

as core-dump said, ur model was not collapsed when u exported. if u r using 3dmax, theres a function called collaps under the utilities pannel. if u r using maya, use the combination of freeze transform and reset transform under modify menu.

yes it wasn't, but it "shouldn't" be a problem in this case. approach b shows the model where it should be + the exported translation while approach a translated the model somewhere into the void. i anted to know how to solve these problems in general.

Attach the model to a node, check to see if its inside the bounds that you want (this may have to wait until you know the worldscale); if not place the model at the coordinates that you want, then attach that node to a new nodeā€¦

I think that is an answer to your question.