Something strange with my dell

Hi all,

i just wanted to share with you a revelation I had encountered. If you were to open a pdf file in adobe’s pdf viewer thing in IE. Start scrolling (its the holding of the mouse really) you’l notice that the fan noise goes down ever so slightly! Well, in mine, its not slightly, because I can hear it! The funny thing is, this only happens in pdf, if you drag your mouse anywhere else, it doesn’t do it!

Im just facinated, anyone know why???!!

Gremlins? }:slight_smile:

High CPU and Hard Drive utilization at the same time pulls down from the total board voltage because it’s eating near your max wattage rating. Fans react by actually slowing down. So do your other comp parts, but they don’t make so much noise :). PDFs do both at the same time, unlike most programs.

well, i did have about 7 programs open! eclipse, photoshop, 3dsmax to name a few! Maybe thats it! Must…Get…More…Power!