Soughtafter Sounds Now Has A New Free Professional Sound Effects Area

Soughtafter Sounds has now broken into the wonderful world of sound effects, and there are a very broad range of categories covering a whole host of areas. As per the music side, all categories will be constantly updated with new and inspiring sounds to arm you with the tools to bring your games and creations alive.

There are presently 224 brand new and original sound effects available for instant download directly from the site.

They have all been released under our very popular “Free Commercial License” which allows them to be used free of charge with only notification (via site) and copyright credit required.

The belief that quality should always cost, is not one that we share in.

Kindest Regards


very nice, will definitely steal some of these, thanks!

Glad to hear your new motto. :smiley:

FYI, both the links in your post point to this thread. :facepalm: :wink:

Thanks for your great comments guys, and thank you so much for pointing out that the links were not working correctly, all should be fixed now.

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Free Commercial License

This commercial license permits use for commercial applications. You must be under the class and defined as an independent developer or company with an annual turnover of less than £100,000/$150,000 in order to use the tracks and services associated with this license.

i don't like that :(

just a joke :p

Hi Oxplay2,

The idea right from the start was to offer a service that was reasonable, fair and set out in a way as to keep everyone happy.

Essentially the cut off point in revenue was to have a dividing line since I wanted to give smaller independent development teams the opportunity to license the music and sounds under a section where they weren’t charged for such. Of course, there’s always room for a discrepancy with regard to some independent developers having a turnover of more than this amount in some cases, and as I am always open to feedback of any kind, since I want to be able to offer the best option, would it be possible for you to say perhaps what in particular you aren’t so happy with so we can try and get it rectified.

Warmest Regards.