Sound graph


I have added some new packages in cvs related to the sound, their names end with second.

Those pakages are treating the sounds as geometrical objects so they can be culled by distance. The first sound object is SphericalSound.

The sound rendering is like graphical rendering now (nodes , spatials…).

I also added a test which is com.jme.test.sound.TestSoundGraph, it uses

The First person controller, so you can hear culling.

You can now easily plug any sound api (lwjgl, joal… etc) to jme; they must at least implement the interfaces.

I intend to replace the actual sound packages by the new one what do you think?

Very nice Arman. I like this implementation quite a bit and I am for replacing the previous version with this. I would recommend instead of just using a distance, use a bounding volume (sphere) where the radius becomes the distance. This will allow for something like a CULL_VISIBLE rather than just a CULL_DISTANCE.

Ok Ill do that

OK CVS has been updated