Sound Peak


I get a sound peak (like when you plug in a mic in an active Soundsystem) at the end of sounds which are cutted by me. Other sounds dont have these peaks. I cant hear this peak when I use Winamp. I cut Sounds with Adobe Soundbooth CS4.  What do I do wrong?

   private static void loadSound(String name, String location)
         /** Create program sound */
         AudioTrack track = audio.createAudioTrack( SoundCtrl.class.getClassLoader().getResource( location ), false);
           /** Add track to list*/
           soundLibrary.put(name, track);   
      catch (Exception e)
         System.err.println("Sound "+name+" ("+location+") nicht gefunden");

Make sure you fade out any cuts (very, very fast fade out is fine) to force the audio data back to zero…

I have already tried "track.fadeOut(1);"

No I mean when you are editing your audio data…

I already tried that too! Even when I  “insert Silence” at the end of the track,

I get a sound peak at the end of the file.

Please try it with this example file - you can use HelloIntersection, you just need to change Sounds

Its because your track is a 32Bit Mono track…

I have linked 4 'tester' files (the first is just your original).     -> Mono, 32Bit      -> POPS    -> Mono, 16Bit      -> GOOD      -> Stereo, 32Bit    -> GOOD      -> Stereo, 16Bit    -> GOOD

I would HIGHLY suggest sticking with Stereo/Mono 16 Bit audio tracks…