Sound status on linux?


how is the sound status on linux platform ?

are there any known issues ?

…because i can’t get a tone out of the sound test

it complains about can’t initialize EAX and throws an exception.

I’ll post exact exception/systemspec when needed and i get at my box again.

oh, and cvs - jmetest ant-build seemed to be broken yesterday…



LWJGL doesn’t support EAX on Linux, I know that much. Is EAX supported at all on linux? Anyways, the exception should not cause sound to fail, just failed trying to set up EAX support. Normal sounds should work.

However, I am not positive (try Dark Prophet’s VolatileZapper program, and see if that works).

Sound system is in a bit of a mess right now. Arman is on hiatus, and I ripped out the MP3 support to deal with licensing issues.

So, it may very well have some issues.

Sorry this took me some time…

You’re right VolatileZapper works with sounds on my linux box but TestSoundGraph still gives me no sound and sadly Zapper came with no sourcecode to compare.

There are minor issues with Zapper on linux as well but i’ll post that in the Zapper-thread.


i have suse 9.0 professional on my box

and TestSoundGraph shows me a jmonky-box,

output is:

java -cp ./jmetest-data.jar:./jmetest.jar jmetest.sound.TestSoundGraph

url: null

02.04.2004 22:15:14 start

INFO: Application started.

02.04.2004 22:15:14 com.jme.system.PropertiesIO <init>

INFO: PropertiesIO created

02.04.2004 22:15:14 com.jme.system.PropertiesIO load

INFO: Read properties

02.04.2004 22:15:16 com.jme.system.LWJGLDisplaySystem <init>

INFO: LWJGL Display System created.

02.04.2004 22:15:17 com.jme.system.PropertiesIO save

INFO: Saved properties

02.04.2004 22:15:17 com.jme.system.LWJGLDisplaySystem <init>

INFO: LWJGL Display System created.

02.04.2004 22:15:17 com.jme.renderer.LWJGLRenderer <init>

INFO: LWJGLRenderer created. W: 800H: 600

02.04.2004 22:15:17 com.jme.renderer.AbstractCamera <init>

INFO: Camera created.

02.04.2004 22:15:17 com.jme.sound.lwjgl.SoundSystem initializeOpenAL

INFO: OpenAL initalized!

02.04.2004 22:15:17 com.jme.sound.lwjgl.SoundSystem initalizeEAX

INFO: Initalizing EAX

02.04.2004 22:15:17 com.jme.sound.lwjgl.SoundSystem initalizeEAX

WARNUNG: Failed to Initialize EAX

java.lang.Exception: EAX instance could not be created.

at org.lwjgl.openal.eax.EAX.create(

at com.jme.sound.lwjgl.SoundSystem.initalizeEAX(Unknown Source)

at com.jme.sound.lwjgl.SoundSystem.<init>(Unknown Source)

at com.jme.sound.SoundAPIController.getSoundSystem(Unknown Source)

at jmetest.sound.TestSoundGraph.initSystem(Unknown Source)

at Source)

at jmetest.sound.TestSoundGraph.main(Unknown Source)

02.04.2004 22:15:17 com.jme.scene.Node <init>

INFO: Node created.

02.04.2004 22:15:18 com.jme.scene.Node attachChild

INFO: Child (Box) attached to this node (3D Scene Node)

02.04.2004 22:15:18 com.jme.sound.scene.SoundNode <init>

INFO: Node created.

02.04.2004 22:15:18 com.jme.sound.scene.SoundNode attachChild

INFO: Child attached to this node

02.04.2004 22:15:25 start

INFO: Application ending.

I originally thought it was because MP3 has been removed, and the test is trying to load MP3. But that is not the case, as it’s loading wav.

But the test does not work on Windows either (my laptop). So it’s not just a Linux issue.

I’ll check it out.

fwiw, TestSoundGraph works fine on my machine. I hear soft footsteps that get louder as I approach the box. I have a SB Audigy card.

This seemed to be a setup issue on my machine.

Works fine now.


any response’s on my game would be very helpful. Because i will be creating a second volatileZapper game, and it will use some of the techniques used in the old game, so if the old one doesn’t work, i would sincerly like to know about it. thx

I think you’ll have to actually post your game to “User Showcases” for most of us to comment on it :slight_smile:


DP, i waited for a “done” post in thread VolatileZapper to retest, but forgot to look after a while …

I’ll retest as soon as i get to my comp


DP i can’t seem to find a new linux .zip on your volatile7 site ?? please give me directions to the download of the Zapper.

BTW: sound was always ok with it but movement of entitys had an issue on my box.