Sound System on jME

Can you specify me why have you selected javalayer project for jME and not simply go with JOAL for example? Is there another options for sound system, anyone?

Is Javalayer a mere mp3 decoder and nothing more or does it offer some other functionalities aswell. Do you have plans to add some other sound libraries as JOAL to jME later?

You cannot compare Javalayer to JOAL!

Joal is a sound playing engine - it plays PCM audio and thats it (though ogg vorbis extensions are available).

Javalayer is a mp3 decoder, it cannot play music. It needs somekind of soundplayer, like the one included in LWJGL which jMe is currently using.

Now, whether you use LWJGL or JOAL for audio output is merely a political statement, since they are both bindings to OpenAL (JOAL even includes LWJGL code ;))

Now, at this current time, jMe uses the LWJGL binding, but I know they have an architecture that allows to plugin JOAL, and there is even the beginning of said plugin in cvs. It’s just that (IMO) LWJGL is easier to use (especially when doing EAX on win32).

As for mp3 playing, I think they should remove this ASAP, since it does bring all sorts of licensing issues, and just use Ogg Vorbis instead (which is a superior format IMO).

Excactly the answer I wanted, thank you.

Exactly what Matzon said. Regarding MP3/JLayer license, this is definately an issue and we will be removing it ASAP. Switching to Ogg is upcoming. Just a matter of man power.

Ok, I am in the process of commenting out the MP3 code and removing the Java Layer library. When Arman comes back, he can replace that code with an Ogg Vorbis loader. Fortunately, the affected code was a single method in the loader.