Sounds are static noise


I have had jmonkey SDK installed on my computer for quite a while, but I am still quite a beginner. I decided to check on it today, and updated the Beta release of the SDK. I noticed that on the audio tests on the JMEtest, the sounds seemed to be quite distorted, to the point I couldn’t make any sense what I hear, just a lot of static noise.

After that I figured, maybe I should just download the RC2 of the jMonkey, and install it. After the new installation, the sounds still seemed like really horribly distorted. Also I tried to change my Sound Blaster PCI 7.1 sound card to Asus Xonar DX/XD, but this problem doesn’t seem to disappear.

I tried to unpack the test-data jar-files and use VLC to play the sound files, and there was no problems with that.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the cause for the problem?

I had this problem too until I manually upgraded to the new lwjgl version. I don’t know how to update it for real and I asked what it would take to upgrade with no answer yet.

For me, it was an lwjgl bug that was fixed in the latest version (the one right after the one we use).