Sounds like we'll all be running OpenJDK in a year

It doesn’t really concern the engine itself as it doesn’t fall under “business, commercial or production use”, but making a commercial game with it…may be problematic.


Well, OpenJDK runs pretty well anyway, I don’t think this could be an issue.

Take it the other way: openJDK will gain most attraction and has the chance to improve. If not (the Windows build is just aweful), it’ll be Java’s death. But I doubt that.

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As I read things it looks like openJDK is now the infrastructure for everything java which will allow Oracle to create and keep proprietary other advancements they want to monetize.

Edit: in other words jme should migrate towards openJDK for its users.

Actually hold up, reading this more closely it may only mean that you need a license to continue receiving critical updates to the JDK 8, as it will be now deprecated. I’m still a bit confused.

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The short of it is everything starts with openJDK now, even Oracles JDK.

This feels like a defensive response caused by that google pirating (I think it was google) where they copied word for word, including the grammar errors, the entire java language and called it their own and then beat Oracles lawsuit in court.

I know it seems far removed from that time but it may of taken them this long to sort things out. I have nothing to support this.

The more I learn about it the more it makes sense. Oracle gives us the code base through openJDK and then can build off that themselves and so can everyone else.

Fixed that for you.

Google was ordered to pay like a billion dollars or something and was appealing last I heard.

It was the API they copied… the interface we call, basically. So that Java programs didn’t break when we run them on Android. Oracle winning was very very bad for the industry.

For reference:

Oracle comes from a mindset of their database where they purposely charged a lot because they wanted customers who felt like they got more when they paid more. (I’m not making that up… I worked with one of their former VP of sales once.) When they bought out Sun, it was really bad for Java. It’s just been a slower grind than anticipated… possibly because Sun open sourced it all before selling.

It really bugs the hell out of Oracle that Google managed to make money “off of Java”… nevermind that “Java” had little to do with what went into Android’s success in the end. After all, there were other similar ventures that failed outright. (I still have a dead Palm Pre on the shelf behind me.)

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I missed all the appeal stuff. Never saw anything reported but interesting how this has played out. I don’t see how you can copy something 100%, rebrand it and then claim its your own work and then lose in court being a bad thing really.

It means it is illegal to create a Java-compatible Java. They didn’t copy Java. They used the same APIs.

Think of any API you might want to create an implementation of (DirectX, OpenGL, Java, etc.)… the court decision says it’s illegal. That’s brand new.

Edit: by the way, it means OpenJDK is also in violation whenever Oracle decides they shouldn’t use the Java API anymore. You want a List.add() method? Tough. It’s taken.

Think of any API you might want to create an implementation of (DirectX, OpenGL, Java, etc.)… the court decision says it’s illegal. That’s brand new.

Yeah that doesn’t really make sense. Like if Khronos Group could just send a takedown notice for lwjgl for implementing the OpenGL api or something and that would be it.

Android java is not compatible with Java SE, I think it’s the main question.

That may be your issue. Oracle’s issue is that they are butt-hurt that Google is making money with Java and they aren’t getting a cut of it.

This is not a Microsoft “embrace and extend” issue.

Please, say to me that it is a joke.
It will ““kill”” java, right?

@ off_forum: Talking about bunissess and learning… C# is a option?

Oracle threatens this every 2 years or so. Honestly search in this forum for panicked threads about Java being killed.

Plus OpenJDK is a thing so there’s no really huge issue for Java just evaporating over night.

Yep. And if there were, we could all just follow the rapidly migrating crowd. The java community is pretty huge.